Commission Info

   In my best efforts, I strive to make my ordering process fair for everyone. I receive requests after requests every day for orders, but unfortunately each custom piece takes 3 to 5 days to craft. If I took everyone's orders at once some customers could be left waiting years for a product they probably forgot about by the time its completed. With this in mind I instead decided to do the monthly spot method.

   On the 23rd of every month, at 2PM central time, a listing for "Custom Bleach Hoodie" will appear on my homepage and also under my "Commissions" page. A quantity of only 6 will be available for purchase, and once those sell out the listing won't be available until the next month. This allows me to spend exactly 4 days on each of the 6 hoodies in order to provide the best craftsmanship possible. Monthly reminders will be sent out when subscribed to my emails (subscribe down below!)