Frequently Asked Questions

Are bleach hoodies safe to wash? 

Yes! Absolutely, bleaching the fabric strips the dye from where bleach is painted on making it impossible to come off. I do clean up all paintings with a heat set fabric paint, so in that regard it is extremely important to follow washing instructions provided on tag to prevent fading in the long run. 

Can I pay extra to secure a spot?

The only reason I do the spot method is so that everyone can have the same opportunity to get a hoodie, so I do not accept any extra payments.

What's the turnaround time once ordered?

Every piece takes me approximately 3-5 days to make. Once I receive the 6 orders for the month I do them by alphabetical order according to first name, meaning depending on where you are on the list you may receive your order anywhere from 1 to 5 weeks. 

*I make sure to communicate the turnaround time with each customer before getting started on orders*